Victor is a
self-employed graphic design professional who specializes in Identity, Branding, Print, Web design and Photography.

About Me

I remember being fascinated by the advertising billboards on my two hour trip to and from school. As a kid who liked to think through drawing and painting, I could not imagine at the time that one day I would actually be a designer.
I was fortunate enough to go to college and learned the trade from my mentors during intense internships. I have worked independently and as a freelancer since 2011. This year (2014) I have set out to do the impossible, build my design business from the ground up, helping each client who gives me the opportunity to work with them.

You may wonder who these clients are; I invite you to take a look at what they have to say in the Testimonial section below. Please feel free to contact me for an in-depth referral. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Through good times and not so good times, I believe in the American Dream. I believe that if you work hard you can reach prosperity, success and move up in society. This is the reason I decided to start my own design firm. I will be successful if I can help you be successful, if you will allow me to be a partner in achieving your business goals.

Design Process

Initial Meeting


For the first step of my design process we will meet (over coffee or tea?) to discuss your project. We will go over all the specifics of the project, your objectives, goals, target audience, etc. in order to determine the appropriate scope and medium for your project.


Estimate & Timeline Proposal


In the second step, I will provide you with an estimate and timeline proposal based on the information we agree upon at our initial meeting.


Research & Concept Development


This is where the fun begins, seriously. At this point of the process, I take the brief from our meeting, research, look for inspiration and sketch different concepts and different approaches to our project. In short: Investigate! Innovate! Design! Communicate!


Concepts Presentation


Time for another cup of coffee or tea! This is where I present to you the concepts I developed and the reasoning behind each one. At this point we determine which one is the preferred approach for pursuing your goal.


Revising & Finalizing


After the presentation, sometimes you may want to think or digest what I have presented. Sometimes there will be an input or request to revise or modify one of the concepts in order to meet exactly what you are looking for. Your feedback becomes an important part of the final design.




Now it is time to make our amazing ideas come to life. Final art is produced according to the specific needs of each channel and medium.



“As a new business owner, choosing Victor to design our logo, print materials and website was one of the most valuable investments I have made. He carefully listened to the concepts in my business plan and did market research to understand the characteristics that would attract customers. He coached us with marketing tips for our website and social media page and has been very responsive in answering questions as our business launched, helping us adapt to growing needs.”

Charae D’Ambra – Owner at The Children’s Piazza


“Very professional and patient. He did not treat me like another product; He listened to my vision, identified the project’s needs and delivered what I was looking for. In short he embraced my project and made it his. I have done several projects with Victor, and I plan to continue working with him.”

Tito Morales – Principal at Tito Morales Ministries


“Creative, Reliable, Honest and Professional . It is not often that you find someone with these types of qualities. Since the beginning of my project Victor Cabrera showed his professionalism and enthusiasm towards it- always bringing fresh ideas to the table. From the initial brief, to photoshoot session and up to final production he showed his keen eye for perfectionism and detail. Victor met all deadlines and went beyond expectations. It has been a real pleasure working with Victor Cabrera. I was very pleased with the final product and will continue using him for future projects.”

Johan Manuel – Christian Singer

Vic Graphic Design specializes in Branding, Identity, Photography, Print, Motion and Web design. I provide research, creative direction, art direction, and graphic design solutions precisely tailored to my client's business needs. My goal is to make sure you are communicating with your image what you are saying with your work. How may I help you and your company? Contact me today.